T’was The Week Before Winter Break…

by Tiya

…when all through KU,

Not a student was sleeping, not even a….squirrel?

I’m not finishing that. Squirrels actually sleep about 14 hours a day, making them one of the sleepiest animals on earth.

I have been procrastinating on updating this blog, because I don’t know what to write. I have pictures, just no words to go along with them (which is kind of the point of this).

Alas, remembering finals week in my mind is like driving in a blizzard. I don’t know if I should use that metaphor because I have never actually driven in a blizzard. It goes something like this though: Wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth, get dressed, do my makeup, go outside, attempt to study, come back to my room at midnight, take off the day, and go to bed. Repeat the cycle throughout the entire week. It was so exciting.

Tiya M. Photography

BUT, there is no blog update without pictures. Pictures mean that a photo shoot of some sorts happened. A photo shoot did happen during finals week, which was the highlight of everything. The only thing that bothered me was how freezing it was. Usually, the longer I am outside, the less I feel the cold. That didn’t seem to happen, and it irritated me. I actually felt very miserable trying to warm up inside of a car while there was a crazy sunset outside. Golden hour was brilliant that afternoon. I think you just appreciate it so much more during the winter because it’s usually so downcast. Clouds are great for pictures. I’m not about to complain about an even layer of light to work with, but bright rays of sunlight at the end of the day are needed sometimes, too. It was just unfortunate I didn’t get to stay outside for the whole time.

And what do you know, just as I start to get into writing stuff, I need to go.

Merry (late) Christmas. Happy Boxing Day if you are Canadian or English, and whoever else has that day.

Enjoy the pictures. Enjoy God more. The end.

Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography Tiya M. Photography