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Month: October, 2012

Luke 8:25

He said to them, “Where is your faith?” And they were afraid, and they marveled, saying to one another, “Who then is this, that he commands even winds and water, and they obey him?”

On Sunday afternoon, the dorms and apartments at my University were evacuated in preparation for Sandy. I had originally planned to just stay in my room, assuming that the conditions weren’t as bad as the forecast was predicting. Keep in mind that this wasn’t me simply brushing off the fact that this was the biggest hurricane that had hit the Atlantic since, if I’m correct, the early 1980’s. I guess it just hit me that I never really pay attention to the news. I check the weather almost every day before I go outside, but hurricane situation just went one ear and out the other for some reason. Last night, one of my friends said that college had actually made her “dumb”, because all she was doing was Art. She told me that she didn’t really care about things the way she used to, which she said isn’t like her at all. I believe her.

I spent the whole day in pyjamas yesterday, living on snack food and bottled water, and keeping everything I could charged up. I would snap a picture every now and then. I hope I’ll be able to look at them one day and remember days like the few that have dragged by. My memory of most things is vivid now, but will it be the same in thirty years?

The only real issue I’ve had in the past couple of days is being around people…all the time. The problem was solved by sitting up in one of the attic rooms, or so I thought. After the electricity went off, the higher up in the house you were, the colder it got. Yet I still sat up there, not really able to feel much of my hands or feet. Truth be told, I didn’t realize how cold I actually was until I went downstairs. If music can make you cry, it can definitely create the illusion of warmth when in reality, there is none.

Sleeping on a couch isn’t bad at all. I don’t know why it would be bad in the first place. It’s just a bed with arms on either side, or whatever you call them. The electricity gave way around 10 or 11 last night in the middle of a LOTR marathon. I think I was the only person who wasn’t disappointed. The Lord of the Rings is on the same level of The Princess Bride in my interests. I’ve tried to like at least one of them, and I can’t. I can see why people enjoy them though, if that makes any sense…

Going back to Sandy (one of my friends keeps calling her Shirley), the most damage that was done where I was staying was knocking down a massive tree across the road, which messed up the power lines. I think a lot of the houses on Mains Street will be without power for a week. I have classes off tomorrow because there’s still no electricity at the University (take your time, take your time…). I was only able to take pictures for a few minutes because the temperature has dropped quite a bit since Sunday. I feel as if I haven’t been on campus for a long time, even though it’s only been two days.

I’m sitting in a Church on Main Street now. It’s warm and has electricity. The LOTR marathon is continuing in one of the rooms down the hall, but I’m quite alright alone and writing (also listening to Taylor Swift’s new album…don’t judge :)). I just read a blog post from a friend back in Uganda. I wouldn’t say I caught a slight wave of homesickness, but rather wishing I could be with certain people right now.

Orange and Yellow and Red? Oh my!

I think that Fall is easily becoming my favourite season, ever. The temperature could be a little warmer, but this weekend the weather was gorgeous! For the past couple of weeks up at Kutztown, it has been either rainy and freezing, or rainy and muggy. Other than the less-than-perfect temperature on a regular basis, I love watching the trees change. Even when all the leaves have fallen off, there is still an eerie beauty among the trees.

This is my beautiful friend, Shirley (aka the prettier version of Kristen Stewart…haha). I made her model for me during a conference I went to with my college’s Christian Fellowship this weekend. I thought her hair blended in really well with all the fall colours in the trees. She also hates getting her picture taken (I think everyone does, to a certain point). Was she nervous? Yes. Was I nervous? Oh yes. There were a lot of “I don’t know what to do!”‘s coming from her, and a lot of “You can trust me!”‘s coming from myself. It is intimidating being infront of a camera, which is why I would rather prefer being behind it.

I like taking pictures because I’m not very good at verbally expressing things. This is how I view Shirley. I really do hope I captured her well.


I will try to get some other pictures up from the conference, although I didn’t take that many (less than 100 pictures!?!) Here’s to a new week.