You Never Know

by Tiya

I am about to do something I never really thought I would ever do…on this blog, anyway. I am going to post pictures I took with my phone. These phone pictures have Instagram filters on them, too. I would have taken the following shots with my actual camera, but I didn’t have it. And I’m not one to overlook a photo opportunity – whether it be with my iPhone or my Canon. So, here it goes.

This past Saturday, I went to a Farmer’s Market with one of my friends, because she needed apples. I like walking, and I like apples. I myself didn’t buy any, but I did buy a tiny pumpkin for 50 cents (actually, two of them…). I named one Dimitri and he sits on my desk. Sometimes I bring him to my friends’ apartments/rooms so he can hang out with his cousin. I forgot what his cousin’s name is though. Sorry.

He’s the pumpkin on the bottom right (on the table).

What made me really happy was that there was a huge antique market there as well. Walking around so much old things made me feel at home, mainly because my house is filled with antiques.


I also took pictures of my first 2D Design project I wrote about in my previous post. It was so much more complicated than it looks! The assignment was to pick a letter and a font and create a design with it, balancing the positive and negative space. We then transferred the design onto an 8″x8″ piece of Linoleum and carved out the positive space. The whole project took about 25 hours…probably because my design was so intricate, which complicated things. I cut myself 3 times! :P

Transferring the design onto Bristol Board was ridiculous. I’m pretty sure it took me at least 3 hours to get four decent prints.

Then we had to photocopy one of the prints 14 times on colored paper to stick on the windows. This was also tedious. Everything about Art is tedious.

The last few pictures are just random ones I took. I wish I had my actual camera with me when I was outside taking these…

After the rain.

Street + Puddles + Leaves + Street Lights = Interesting Colors.

I know these are all just phone pictures, but I hope you got something out of looking at them. Like I said, posting something like this isn’t at all what I would usually do, so it may or may not happen again. I just thought these particular pictures were pretty neat and wanted to share them. Good night, world!